Injury Is Not A Tragedy but a Treasure Hunt

18th Asian Games 2018

Her strength is her confidence haling from the Dangal family like the other Dangal ladies even wrestler Vinesh phogat eyes were targeted on the gold medal this year in the Asian games. Even after winning back to back gold medals in commonwealth games.

She bounced back to the mat eyeing on her target pulling herself from the defeat and injury she faced in the Rio Olympics in the year 2016 against China.Her first opponent for the day was Yuki who was the one responsible for her injured leg in the Rio Olympics. Vinesh wanted to spill her venom on the Chinese wrestler but in a sweet manner. She has already lost against the Chinese for three consecutive times the twenty-four-year-old Haryanvi was quite determined to prove her self in front of her opponent.

She never gave her opponent to get hold of her within the span of time she emerged as a dominating winner of the semi-finals with six points and rolling off her opponent only with six points.
In the finals, this young champion had to face off with the Japanese wrestler. First Vinesh she analyzed her opponent properly before she could take any steps Vinesh made a swift move she grabbed her leg in ninety sec in order to collect four points and later on she only douched for one or two points very technical not give a way out for her opponent to escape. She did confess in on of her interviews that she was aware of her Japanese opponent strength so she made the first move.

This was her second Asian medal she has already won a bronze medal in Indonesia but she is the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in Asian games.
The trie colour was flying high as she was flaunting her medal with a contentment of achieving her target.

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