No men but only women:- A comedy show in Delhi


We women live in a society where our laughter must be controlled but if women should be a source of laughter it will be a task for her to climb up the stage and make people laugh. But today there are many platforms available for sprouting women stand up comedians.

Recently in New Delhi, there was a show conducted called Femaplooza a comedy show only for women where they can openly discuss the problems about PMS and the irritation of wearing the bra without any hesitation.  Men were strictly banned from entering the gates of this show even they are not allowed to checks the tickets or perform.

There are many shows only pertained to women such as leddies night by online magazines ladies figure and digest me by stand up comedies but this show is a bit different even the audience who enjoy the show is also a woman. The founder of this show Jeeya Sethi who is also a stand-up comedian said that we live in a culture where women opinion has not been valued.

Femaplooza has organised thirty-five shows in different cities. This show in New Delhi was lined up with thirteen comedians ageing in between seventeen to thirty-seven but the show was mainly studded with new ones. It has provided a platform to bring more women into the comedy circuit but there are many many obligations.

Once the show was started the energy level that was created in the room was quite different. The first time performer Neomi Barton said that she was quite comfortable to crack jokes to women only crowd with no pleasure to please men. She also talked about PMS and how it affects her and landing her up in a funny situation.

On the other hand, Adit Mittal who is the first women to have her own special show on Netflix has made an impression about the male dominance in Indian movies. And she also stated that many men think women do stand up comedy because they are desperate to gain attention.

Sethi took advantage of this platform to mack her own company The comedy ladder which had organised another event where both men and women could take part addressed men as male comics and women just as comics creating a clumsy situation.

When the show came to an end in the evening the fathers and the husbands lined outside to take members of the audience home safely.


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