Wednesday, February 6th, 2019


Revolutionary, Unorthodox, Compelling Artist: Amrita Shergil, Famously Referred to as the Indian Frida Kahlo

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Artists are free birds. The way they see things are entirely different from others. They find beauty in the most unusual places. I always thought the biggest artist is God who has made this fantastic and beautiful world for us. He may have created artists to spread his work. Artists are blessed with the talent of interpretation of life in so many amazing styles that it becomes beauty in itself. They swim in a shinning and sparkling sea of imagination. The work of an artist is an open window toRead More

Are we on the right track? Thought of the week


Some days in our life seems endless and worthless. Today was one of such day when I felt that I was having a nightmare and I wished that I would wake up and find all the visions were just illusions. But to my disappointment and dismay, I was witnessing a naked truth, the suicide of one of my favorite student, who was just sixteen years old. The News has left me wounded and bleeding from inside. I was witnessing the death of a bright student who would have been somebodyRead More

The power of Benevolence Blended with Valor: Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder of First Rural Women Co-operative Bank


We tend to notice too many inequities around us. But how many of us would abandon our hectic yet posh life to go after such imbalance, disparities, and problems seen in our society? Most of us would either feel sad and then forget or give some donations and feel less guilty but Chetna Gala Sinha is a different brand of powerhouse. Not only, she gave a makeover to the poorest and the most droughts stricken area of rural India but also helped the women to be trained with entrepreneurship qualities.Read More

Republic Day Parade – An Amazing and Dazzling display of ‘Women Power’


Festivals and celebrations are a part of India’s unity in diversity. Republic day is one of the most spectacular celebrations of being a part of the biggest democratic country in the world. India celebrated its first republic day on 26th January 1950. On this day our constitution came into being and we became an Independent Republic country. This day fills our heart with pride, love, and respect to our motherland. The republic day parade is the most captivating, bewitching ceremony of showcasing the different strengths of our country. It isRead More