A Living Testament of a True Winner: Deepa Malik the Unstoppable Power Engine of Talent House


Human beings are quite vulnerable to pain, sufferings, and hardships. Most of us are bound by our own limitation. And we tend to restrain our self and our capabilities within those unseen borders or fences. Yet, there are some around us who smashes these hurdles and grow beyond their limitation and expectations. Such personalities are a depot of immense power, strong resolution, and unbending willpower. The life of Deepa Malik is one of such an inspirational tale that it would force you to go after your dreams and be a winner no matter what the obstacles are.
Deepa Malik is the answer for all the conventional way of thinking who feels there is an expiry date to women’s talent after they cross the threshold of the forties. She has crushed social taboos and showed the world never to underestimate the power wrapped up in a physically disabled person. She is an encouragement for all those who are stuck in the limitation of their mind. At the age of 40, when most of us would be planning retirement plans, Deepa took her first baby steps into a sports career.

The Recital of this Real Life Hero


Deepa Malik was an army kid whose life was filled with abundant adventures and thrills. Her spirit of daring experiences made her different from usual kids. When other kids used to play with dolls, swings her passion lied with bikes. Born and brought up in Sonipat, she is the daughter of Colonel B K Nagpal. She had a fire within her and like an unsatisfied soul; she was always in search of new feats, experiences, and excitements. She is proud of her army background. She is married to an army man as well, the veteran cavalier Co. Bikram Singh. The energetic couple has two teenage daughters – Devika and Ambika.
But in 1999, Deepa’s life took a different and unexpected turn, when she was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. She became paraplegic (paralyzed below the waist) even after three surgeries and almost 200 stitches. This phase of life was one of the most difficult for the family since her husband was fighting in the Kargil war then and she was struggling with the responsibilities of her family and her disease.
Both of them fought different wars, they not just survived it, they came out as winners. The disability couldn’t cage Deepa’s free spirit. Her husband’s support and her army upbringing helped her to strike back and chase her dreams. As a matter of fact, she became even more liberated and determined after the tragic turn of events in her life. She was not willing to spend the rest of her life in a closed room. For seven years; she successfully handled a catering business. She was chiefly awarded the Swawlamban Award by the government of Maharashtra for her spirit of independence.
At the age of 36, when she decided to pursue a sports career, it was not an easy task with her physical and financial constraints. She was not ready to give up her dreams so easily. Once the journey of winning started she excelled in different disciples.
List of Achievements and Awards


She should be called the real-life testament of motivation to all those who find excuses or reasons just when they are struck with the unfortunate tragic incident. She is a multi-talented athlete, who has broken all the social norms and tattoos surrounding a physically disabled person.
Let us just go through just a few of her achievements:
 She is the first Indian woman to participate and win the Medal at the Paralympics. At 2016, Paralympics Games, she won a silver medal in shot-put.
 She has created a New Asian Record in Asian Para Games 2018 and won medals in three consecutive Asian Para Games.
 She became the oldest recipient of Arjuna Award at the age of 42 in 2012.
 Four times, her name has been featured in the list of Limca Adventures Record.
 She has become the first physically challenged person to receive the license by FMSCI, moreover, she has participated in the World’s highest and the toughest car rally called Raid De Himalayas.
 The first paraplegic woman in the world to drive a quad bike on the Highest Motorable Roads of Leh and Ladakh.
 In 2013, she was also a part of the grid and national anthem ceremony at the flag-off of the Formula -1 race at Budhh Internal Circuit.
 She was a part of the sports and physical education team in the formation of the 12th five-year plan.
 She has set an example before all physically challenged people all around the world with 17 international medals and 58 National medals for various sports events.
Awards and Recognitions:
• Padmashri Award, 2017
• President Role Model Award, 2014
• Arjuna Award, 2012
• Maharashtra Chhatrapati Award, 2009-10
• Haryana Karambhhomi Award, 2008
• SwawlambanPuruskar Maharashtra, 2006
Have the Courage to pursue your dreams and make it come true…….
Deepa Malik, the biker, swimmer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, the sports diva; is an all-rounder who has proved that she is the ultimate winner not just in sports but in life. At the age when most competent players seek retirement, she went on to set a benchmark across various sports in the paraplegic arena. No matter how worst the conditions are, sheer courage and determination will make you a true winner like her. She is on the path to spread awareness for the betterment of physically disabled athletes and helping them to attain their own identity.
Cheers and best wishes to Deepa Malik !!!

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