An Illustration of Grit and Determination: Sreedhanya Suresh, a Motivation to all those who Aspire to Reach the Pinnacle Point


Our motherland, India should be named as the ‘land of diversity’ as well as ‘land of contrasting features’ not just in physical features but contrasting profiles when we consider the social and economic disparities. India is an emerging superpower; with its development seen in every field. Take instance the high-quality engineering and management talent, the dispersion of powerful Indians in every corner of the world, the emerging Indian in the topmost positions gives the finest view of our country.
In contrast to this picture perfect, there is another profile of India which is rather shabby. India is one of the countries with the largest number of illiterates, poor and unemployed in the world. We still suffer from acute social disparities, which lead to unequal opportunities. Too many people who belong to the scheduled tribes are still far from the reach of education, technology, and development.
But from this widening differences when we hear talk about the first person from Scheduled Tribes (S T) of Kerala a state famous for its highest rate of literates but not a single tribal to crack the UPSC exam; it becomes a historic feat not just for Sreedhanya Suresh but for the whole community that has been trapped and are in desperate need for recognition.
The beauty of Simplicity and Hard work


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Sreedhanya Suresh belongs to Kurichiya community (an Adivasi group) of Pozhuthan village, in Wayanad district of Kerala. Her parents are Suresh and Kamalam who are daily wage laborers and who are depended on schemes like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme to take care of their family of three kids. Her father even used to make and sell bows and arrows a traditional Adivasi weapon to make ends meet. Even though they were struggling from the hands of poverty, the parents never allowed the children to be compromised of their education. All three children were provided with proper education.
Sreedhanya had seen her share of financial constraints throughout her growing ages which didn’t make her desperate but motivated her. The house the family lives has been given by the govt but still now the work in unfinished and the family had seen the worst of everything. Her father recalls the journey and says, “So we were not able to provide even basic amenities for our children. We could not buy even a shelf to keep their books, leave alone give them a decent place to sleep.” She is an alumnus of Thariyodu Government Higher Secondary School. After completing her formal education she pursued further.

The Inspiration and the Path Taken
Different govt schemes helped Sreedhanya to continue her graduation and post graduation in zoology. After the completion of her post-graduation, she worked as a clerk with Kerala’s Scheduled Tribes Development Department and even worked as a warden at the Adivasi hostel in Wayanad. There she was greatly inspired by the respect and the role of Wayanad collector Sreeram Samashiva Rao while she saw when she worked with him on project. He was the one who pushed her to write the civil service exam.
Once she got her motivation factor there was no turning back. The only hurdle in her life was financial constraints but when such strong will power and determination is there in you then there would be help and motivations pouring from people around you. Well-wishers and old IAS helped her a lot not just in providing her with funds as well as preparing for the interview and inspiring her to join the coaching center in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram.

Appreciation, cheers for the winner.


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Sreedhanya had written the prelims for the UPSC exam thrice but this was her first attempt for the main and for the interview. She secured 410th rank in her attempt. This feat is not just hers it should be the catalyst to all the tribal students who inspire to be a change. She has been receiving word of praise from far and wide. She is filled with dreams, aspirations, and determination. She hopes to reduce the dropout level among the tribal students moreover she wants to work on issues concerned with women’s safety, land rights, unwed mothers and so on.
“I am from the most backward district in the state. There are no tribal IAS officers from here even though there is a considerably large tribal population. I hope this will be an inspiration and motivation to the future generations to overcome all hurdles,”
May all her wish and hope comes true…….


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