Audi’s First E-Tron Electric SUV With high Horsepower

audi r8

The Third Gen Audi’s high Battery Powered Sports Car presents a picture for global SUV segment automakers .Audi Brussels claims that it received “world’s first certified CO2-neutral mass production in the premium segment” .

The German manufacturer’s prototype has got the ability to win extra fuel economy with high performance and is suitable for everyday usage . Audi etron has got 150kw of charging capacity and is apt for long distance journeys.

Adding on Patrick Danau, Managing Director of Audi Brussels stated “Audi built up numerous competencies in-house for the Audi e-tron and developed both the battery technology and the actual drive system itself. And employees rethought, planned and implemented many stages of production,”. Sources saying that employees in Brussels have received more than 200,000 hours of training for the first all-electric Audi and are thus perfectly prepared for the start of production.

The mid-engine sports car has got low kerb weight lesser than 1,550 kg. The body is having hexagon shape with dimensions of 4.53 meters long, 2 meters wide and just 1.15 meters tall and is ready to be unveiled on September 17, 2018.

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