Indian Fuel Price Surges Up high Breaking records


The record breaking rise of fuel prices in past few weeks has triggered the inflation rates of the country resulting in diminishing Indian rupee value against dollar hit Rs72.03 on September 6th closure. The fuel price rise from past 6 consecutive days had a looping depreciation in the currencies of developing nations across the globe.

Petrol prices are recorded as Rs 81.98 Per Litre in Bangalore, Rs79.40 Per Litre in delhi , Rs86.91 in Mumbai, Rs 83.13 in Chennai and Rs82.31 in Kolkata and Diesel prices hit Rs73.72 in Bangalore , Rs 71.43 in delhi Rs 75.96 Per litre in Mumbai and Rs 75.39 in Chennai .


Image Source: Hamsaro

Experts say that the adversity of geopolitics and global market forces has impacted the fuel price trend of Indian Economy to a great extent. In global scenario US sanctions on crude oil has imposed limitations on Iran Exports from November which lead to tremendous hike in the rates of crude oil prices impacting Indian Customers.

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