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“She breaths for freedom but her breath has been restricted in a room called society. If she decides to  break open the door and walk  her path will be filled with thorns that tastes her blood  and wounds her feet but she should never stop walking”.

In order to heel her wounds many NGOs are started one such is Vidhyaranya NGO for women and childrenMr MC Ramesh Pawar who was studying his Msc in Bangalore University he was a professional social worker he came along with his friends and started this NGO in the year 1991.


Vidhyaranya  NGO Staff at Bangalore

The alarm here rings at seven in the morning by praising the god in their tones. Then followed by yoga which positions their bodies.After having their breakfast their training starts from 10 AM to 1:30PM . After resting their for a while the children are taken to the playground in order to enjoy their evening.

This NGO has provides roof for 300 women who are abused by the men and who are abandoned by their families . For first fifteen days they will be provided basic needs and a psychiatrist is called after one month of medication when they are able to stabilize their mental health. They are provided with  six months  of  training on vocational skills tailoring , jewelry making and home nursing in order to relay on themselves.

They have always been a helping hand in order to educate the women. They have provided free education for a seventeen year old girl who is studying her first year bcom and aspires to work in a big company.

When we spoke to a woman she was not willing to reveal her name  she was raped near a railway station after few months she gave birth to a boy but some of her close relative gained her trust and sold her son later she was abandoned by them . Since when she has come to this NGO she has gained a lot of self confidence to move on in her life.The thirty year old Lakshmi says that she never wants to recall her dark past but wants to focus on her future. ” Since I have joined Vidhyaranya they have trained me to make mats and carpets using old series I feel good and satisfied here.

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Image Source:Vidhyaranya Home page

On 13th February 2018 the women of ujwala had showcased their beautiful and colorful handmade jewelry at  Myntras product quality and experience. Which helpful for these women to fund for their future

Recently Vidhyaranya has collobratd with Mumbai rescue foundations and Delhi stop traffic.

When asked why are women laid back than men even today.”I think even today many girls are uneducated than boys” said Bhaskar CEO of Vidhyaranya NGO .

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