My First Love ..


The day I was born I became a precious gem,
To my parents
I was the queen of my house.
Everyone cared about me, loved me,
I was their epicenter of being alive
I mattered most…….

Then I was married,
I was now the better half,
The wife, the daughter to my new mother
Here too I become the queen
They depended on me ……

Then, I become a MOTHER
I was not a queen, I happily become a slave
To the most enchanting smile
I had ever seen
Every breath he takes is,
My heartbeat

He is my mirror of happiness
I forgot to love me
I was scared, I was novice but
Still, I was ready

He took me to the zenith of ecstasy
Away from all the tensions
I was being my self
No need to pretend that I loved him
It came naturally to me

I am in love with you my child
My love my first love

Take ME………


Take me with you,
To a world of silence far away
But free,
Where I would be known for
Being myself
Not by my surnames

Take me to a land
Unfounded unbound,
Let me be myself
Not pulled and pushed
By my so-called loved ones

Want to touch the sky
Fly like a bird
Just take me to the land,
Still unknown

No faces to face
No dreams to fulfill
Just alone with me, myself and my identity
Let me be alone, Take Me Away…….

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