Padmasree Warrior – One of the Most Powerful, Influential Woman in Corporate World


Do women need to always prove her solidity, durability, and potentiality? Why this happens that women are subjected to so many stereotyping thinking? Age after age women has proved their imperishability, strength by doing tasks that man can do, sometimes even better than them. The world of business has been men – dominated. It is like an unspoken commandment or stipulation that women are not ready to undertake the pressure, the ownership duties, the stability, and they don’t have the confidence to take the right decision.

World of business is undergoing a dramatic makeover. The position of the top executive is handed over to women who have left a trail of success in the business world. Women are sharing the dais with men in technological sector too. One of such strong, powerful personality is Padmasree Warrior. Over the course of her career, she had been looked upon as a figure of admiration and innovation.
Childhood, Education and Upbringing of This Energetic, Smart Personality
Yellepeddi Padmasree was born to a Telugu Hindu family, of Vijayawada in the southern state of Andra Pradesh. It is notable that her name Padmasree means along the line of “Divine Lotus”. Lotus is the symbol of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune as per Hindu mythology. Her fascination with science started at a very young age. She has received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from IIT, Delhi where she was one of the just five women in the class of 250 students. From Cornell, University, she holds her master’s degree in Chemical engineering. These were the stepping stones of her evolving future.

The Growth and Development

She started working with Motorola in the year 1984. She continued her work for 23 years, serving as a number of executive positions. she served as Corporate Vice-President and general manager of Motorola’s Energy Systems Group, and Corporate Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer in its Semiconductor Products Sector. When named Motorola’s CTO in January 2003, Warrior became a senior vice-president and in 2005 she was promoted to executive vice-president. During the tenure of a period, while she was the Chief Technology Officer, Motorola received a National Medal of Technology from President George W. Bush in 2004. It was the first time; the company had received such an honor. She was a great supporter of “Seamless Mobility”.
After such an uphill journey, by 2007, she was ready for a change. She left Motorola and become CTO at Cisco Systems until 2015. In her incumbency, at the $138 billion technology company, Warrior assisted Cisco to grow in influence through acquisitions, including six in 2014 and 10 in 2013.


After resigning from the post of CTO at Cisco, she joined hands with a China-based electric startup company NIO. This was her first step in the field of the automobile. Throughout her career, she was attracted by the role of technology in making life better for others. Warrior had said, “I’m not a car person, I didn’t grow up in the industry,” I’m super passionate about making our lives easier through technology. You need to ask: On average, is the tech making our lives better or worse?” After her three years stint at NIO.US, Warrior has resigned from the role of CEO. She is one of the rarest of the woman chief auto executive; she left NIO as it on the cusp of mass production and after raising $1 billion in its IPO.
The career chart of her is the most impressive. It is interesting to note that she serves on the Board of Directors for more than one corporation. With all these achievements in her pocket, she is also a member of the board of the Museum of Science and Industry as well.
Recognition for this house of Talent

She has been bestowed with a collection of awards and titles for her successful career in the field of technology:
• Called as one of the four rising stars on Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women List
• Ranked by The Economic Times as the 11th Most Influential Global Indian.
• In 2001 she was one of six women nationwide selected to receive the “Women Elevating Science and Technology” award from Working Woman Magazine.
• In 2014 she is listed as the 71st most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.
• In 2018, she was featured among “ America’s Top 50 Women In Tech”
• She is also featured in the Notable Women in Computing Cards

Padmashree Warrior’s views

She believes in the importance of learning. She has outright stated that if you are self-satisfied enough to believe that you know all the answers then you are at a real risk of becoming redundant. These are her lines, “You have to have this hunger to learn,” she says. “Learning means … sitting down with other people from different domains. Learning means discovering things, learning means reading things, learning means exposing yourself, pushing yourself [to do things] that you know people will tell you can’t do.” Moreover, she sometimes wished that she should have taken more risks sooner rather than later. She has drawn a sharp distinction between confidence and arrogance. “To be confident means innately you believe that if you work hard and try hard you will reach your goals. Arrogance means you feel you know everything,” “And most people confuse the two, so I would encourage people to be fully self-confident and be confident in their ability to accomplish things.”She avoids being arrogant by hiring people smarter than her. Her amusing and humble explanation is, “Hanging out with them keeps me humble,”
While we are unaware of her next venture, she hasn’t disclosed it. Her reply about it gives a simple reply, “ There are many global problems that technology has yet to play a role in solving. I am eager to tackle the next big challenge”

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