Republic Day Parade – An Amazing and Dazzling display of ‘Women Power’


Festivals and celebrations are a part of India’s unity in diversity. Republic day is one of the most spectacular celebrations of being a part of the biggest democratic country in the world. India celebrated its first republic day on 26th January 1950. On this day our constitution came into being and we became an Independent Republic country. This day fills our heart with pride, love, and respect to our motherland. The republic day parade is the most captivating, bewitching ceremony of showcasing the different strengths of our country. It is a display of merge between different cultures, modernity as well as our majestic heritage.

The Women Power at its Peak Point


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Women’s ability to fill the position of a leader has always been questioned and cross-checked. Our society is filled with such persons who still find it intolerable, when women are considered equal or in a higher position than theirs. However, women in recent years are proving the critics wrong and joining some of the most prestigious institutions. The army had been men dominated for ages but now women have started showing excellence in this field too. This year’s Republic Day parade was such an interesting event. The star attraction of this year’s republic day parade was the showcase of women power in the military. Women have been a part of Indian Military for a long time, but this year witness maximum participation of women ever in the parade. Women officers have raised the bar of excellence since they played the leading roles in their respective contingents as they marched down the Rajpath.

 Major Khushboo Kanwar

Maj Khusbhoo Kanwar was the officer in charge of the all-women Assam Rifles contingent which is creating history by its participation in the parade for the first time. 146 fierce women soldiers are breaking the stereotype thinking and breaking the glass of traditions. They have proved of being courageous as well as prepared to face the worst. Assam Rifles is the oldest paramilitary force in the country established in the year of 1835 and now 365 women soldiers are part of this force.
Maj Khushboo is a paragon of hard work and strong will power. She is not just an officer, she is a mother, wife, daughter and all her duties are done with the same extreme responsibilities as she gives to her work. As an ASC officer, she joined the Indian Army in 2012. At present, she in on deputation with the Assam Rifles. She also had taken part in the counterinsurgency operation while posted in Manipur. Her team is as strong as she is. Some of the women soldiers in her team are widows of Jawans too.
“Leading an all-women contingent of the Assam Rifles is a matter of great honor and pride for me. We have practiced very hard…I am a daughter of a bus conductor from Rajasthan and if I can accomplish this, then any girl can fulfill her dream,”

 Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi

Lt. Bhavana Kasturi, led the contingent of Army Service Corps(ASC) comprising of 144 men first time in the history of Indian Army. ASC handles the logistics support of the army and ASC has participated after a break of 23 years.
Kasturi joined the officers training academy after clearing the NCC 38 special entry with AIR-4 in October 2015. She is the first generation officer inducted from her family. But she was motivated and encouraged to join the army. Setting an example for other women, she feels proud and excited about the positive change in the mindset of the whole organization.
“This shows the kind of acceptance, the change and the evolutions which is happening in the entire organization. This shows acceptance for woman officers also.”
 Captain Shikha Surabhi:



Captain Shikha Surabhi is the first female officer to be part of all-men Daredevil’s team. The DareDevils are a team of riders who are prominent in their work, an example of self-determination, unmatched courage, stamina, and mental alertness. Captain Shikha is a software engineer turned army officer. She is making a strong impression on the gender constraints of the army as she becomes the only and first woman to join the Indian army‘s corps of Signals Daredevils Motorcycle display team.

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