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Life can sometimes take away the most precious thing from you without giving you any warning or chance to stop it. It depends on you if you are going to fight against the circumstances or surrender under the icy cold hands of fate. It’s not easy when fate plays a trick with your dreams. It takes a lot of determination, inner strength, and guts to rise up after a tragedy scatters your dreams.
Sudha Chandran is an inspiration, motivation to everyone who feels that life had cheated with him or her and have taken everything. Imagine a blooming dancer whose life revolves around dancing would feel when she loses her leg in an accident. The depression, the helplessness, the hate against destiny may even us to a road of silence but not Sudha. She displayed an extraordinary persistence and courage to fight for her dreams.

The Beginning of this Saga


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Born to a family of cultural heritage she was filled with a special kind of attachment towards dancing. She was the only child of her parents. At the young age of three, her passion for dancing was never left unnoticed by her parents. Her father, K.D. Chandran who was an employee of the American Centre in Mumbai, was ready to give her formal education in dance. But the teachers of ‘Kala Sadan’ were not ready to teach the tiny beauty since they felt she was too young. But do you imagine how passionate and determined Sudha is; her parent s would be any less. Persistence from her father’s side saw her thru the door of ‘Kala Sadan’. Dancing becomes her identity, her love, her passion. Her life circled around dancing. From school to dance then house to dance. She was very hardworking moreover she was very excellent in academics too. At the age of eight, she gave her first dance performance while she was studying in St. Joseph’s Convent School. Once she started to give live performances there was no looking back. By the time she was just 17, she was already a star, with 75 stage performances under her belt.
She opted for arts even after she got 80% in the tenth, so that she would get time for dancing. She had become a highly accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer but destiny had something different stored for her.

Tragedy Knocks

It takes a lot of guts, courage, and heart to move on in life once your dreams are just scattered before your eyes. May 2nd , 1981, was such a day in her life when she met with an accident during a pilgrimage via the Scindia School in Tamil Nadu. With a damaged leg, and few cuts she may have been the least injured person in the accident. But doctor’s negligence left her with severe infection, which left her with no other option but to amputate her right leg to stop infection from spreading to her whole body. Sudha was devastated. The mind which was filled with thoughts for dancing was now filled with anger, frustration, and depression. But she was never a loser or quitter by nature.
People used to feel sorry for her since she wouldn’t be able to dance after the accident left her to feel even more determined. She wanted to prove them all wrong and return to her dance.
Rather than feeling sorry for herself, she decided to change what destiny and has done to her life. She met Dr. Sethi of Jaipur, who manufactured artificial legs called Jaipur Leg. She slowly and patiently started to walk using Jaipur Leg. It was not an easy task, very painful at the beginning. It took her four months to start walking straight using the rubber based artificial limb.

The Rising of a Star

With rigorous physiotherapy and painful training, she was ready to show the world that she was not to have sympathized but respected. After three years from the accident, when her dance performance was scheduled in the St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, on 28th 1984, the headline in a prominent newspaper read ‘Loses a foot, walks a mile’. Everywhere appreciation and blessings were pouring in for her. She was filled with despair when she thought she couldn’t perform like the old times. But once she started dancing she forgot all about her leg. Her heavenly performance left the audience spellbound who couldn’t stop themselves from giving her standing ovation for a long time even after her performance had ended.
Everyone was captivated; her father was even more than just thrilled. He touched her feet and said that she danced like Goddess Saraswati.

A Blessing in Disguise

She was a new star for the world. She got immense love, appreciation, from all spears of the world. Ramoji Rao the owner of Ramoji Rao Film City, Hyderabad decided to launch her as an actress in a Telugu movie based on her life story. The movie Mayuri (1985) went on to become a huge box office hit and later dubbed in languages like Tamil and Malayalam. In 1986, it was even remade in Hindi with the name of Naache Mayuri.
The language was not a boundary for her. Her lists of achievements are too long. She acted in various languages. Once she started doing T.V the characters she used to portray become household name. She went on to become an established dancer, actress, judge. Any part she took she made it her own. But her passion for dancing is as same as when she was just a small girl. She has started an academy for dance where she helps the young aspirants to follow their dreams.
“Her never-say-die attitude can inspire the generations to come, especially the young girls. Sudha Chandran’s life story has been included in primary school textbooks by various Indian states to inspire children.”
She has proved that if you have an ultimate aim and you are ready to push yourself to the maximum then no one can stop you from reaching your goal.

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