The Silent Friend


Deep down, I felt your presence around me
When I was surrounded by fear
I felt your reassuring hands holding me tight.
Helping me, protecting me…..

When I was wrapped up in
The turmoil of life your soft voice
Soothed me and embraced me
You were always there for me when I needed you the most

When I was standing in the midst of confusions
And I was a stranger in a room
Filled with many unknown
You stood by me to anchor my ship of life…..

What are you, who are you and why are you there for me?
I never could understand your love
You made me strong and u made me feel beautiful
The smile on your face and the looks you used to give me
Made me feel like a princess.

But you never told me anything
Just you were there for me.
Holding me and loving me
Teaching me the correct meaning of love……

Thank you for just being in my LIFE.
Who am I?

What am I? Just a piece of dead body…..
I feel…. no I can’t feel. How am I supposed to feel?
I am just a woman with no feeling of my own.

How am I supposed to fall in love?
I can’t ….. I am just a woman who can’t fall
If I could fly…….no I can’t fly.

He has built the most beautiful golden cage for me and
Broken my wings long back…….

Can I breathe I asked him?
He smiled and choked me ….
Can I talk I asked him?
He smiled and cut off my speech….
Can I sleep I asked him
He smiled and broken me into pieces….

But still, he is my owner
I am his slave….
Enslaved by a thread and rules
Need to protect him, love him, and care for him
Because he is my protector………

REALLY…from whom and what????

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