Trichy a place to recall the Indian culture and heritage


Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu famously known as Trichy ,is a temple-studded town and has got amazing significance for its architecture. It is one of the ideal devotional destinations in the country. There are many temples in this town but very few temples which have restored our culture and heritage and they are listed below.

Thiruvanaikaval temple is located on the banks of river Kaveri ,its main goddess is Lord Shiva and the goddess Akilandeswari the temple was built by Kochenga Chola one of the early Cholas. There are five enclosures within the temple. The fifth enclosure is called as the Vibudhi Parakar which is 25 feet high the innermost enclosure is 126 feet by 123. This is referred to as the five Shiva temple representing the five major elements like air water and fire.

Srirangam is placed next to Thiruvanaikaval temple. The Ranganathan at Srirangam was constructed in the Dravidian style it consists of seven prakarams and 21 gopurams. There are five inner courtyards which have shrines only for Lord Vishnu and on his various avatars like Rama, Krishna and other major Shrines are goddesses, Lakshmi and saints of Vaishnavism. There was a period where the entire town was in Srirangam.

In Srirangam, you have the Rajagopuram temple which dominates the landscape of the town when you’re reaching Trichy you an see this temple. It takes at least two hours to visit all the deities in the temple. Only During Vaikunta Ekadasi, the doors of Paramapada Vasal will be opened once in a year when the devotees rush to pay their respect to lord Ragatathaswamy.

Another most important temple to be mentioned is the hard rock temple. The Ucchi pillayar temple is situated at the heart of the town once when you reach the gates of the temple the street is lightened with stalls. Because this temple is located on the top of the mountain the steps are too steep there are more than 125 steps. Once you reach inside the shrink of the temple you will be able to see the entire town.

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