Valiant, Fearless and Determined Vaishali Shadangule: who rewrote her Own Destiny!


Life of an Indian Girl is like a crystal glass. Family tends to protect it from any kind of wrecking or shattering. But sometimes girls’ individuality becomes nonexistent. Dreams, aspiration, ambitions are unseen and often shrouded under the name of family’s tradition or culture. There are very few women who haven’t allowed circumstances to rule their destiny. They survived against the tides and came out as a winner. Today’s story is about such a distinguished personality who carved out her own destiny with her perseverance and her strong resolution to be a winner.

Vaishali Shadangule one of the most respected and sort after name in the fashion fraternity. Vaishali S as she is popularly called as, is an epitome of storytelling through her textiles. She has built a unique, contemporary and sustainable brand that has been appreciated in the Indian market as well as globally. Her work is an art where she communicates the story of each garment with the customer. In a world where hand-woven Indian textiles had long lost their roots and were struggling to keep up with the new technological developments, Vaishali has given a new vision and hope to keep it alive through her textiles.
Her battles against Patriarchy Norms and Narrow mind Outlook.



Her struggles started at a young age. Born in a small town of Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, she represents the tale of an average Indian girl from a small town. Her family was fairly conservative, where the role of women played was minimal. By the time, she had reached class eight; her marriage plans had started taking shape. Somehow she managed to complete her tenth. Like many teenagers, she yearned to find a purpose in life. She knew she wanted to be somebody and the small town won’t allow her to follow her dreams. So she decided to flee from her protected, secured family, breaking the clutches of social norms. 20 years ago, her courage to venture and proceed on a journey of self-discovery paid off.
“If you want something from your heart and soul, everything around, be it in favor or against your wish becomes strength.”
Vaishali had nothing with her when she left her home town, just dreams, and ambitions. Her first night was spent in a railway station. Rescued and helped by her friends she started her journey towards the unknown. She had great difficulty in finding a job since she found it hard to communicate with others. But her determination to do something different, never allowed her to stop. Even though she managed to complete her graduation in computer science, her interests were elsewhere. She was always artistically inclined. She had an eye for fashion. Her life took a turn when she attended a fashion designing course for three days. Those three days gave her the opportunity to understand her call for fashion. She started to test her horizons in the field of fashion.
Eventually, she taught herself fashion designing. Her dream of pursuing fashion was quite an ambitious dream when she reached Mumbai in 1999. She had to face too many challenges, not just from the outside world, her own. A financial crisis, unfamiliarity with the fashion circle, her lack of confidence and her health issues made her problems even more massive. But Vaishali never lost hope. Her job as a gym trainer offered her hope to showcase her designs to some of the prominent personalities of Mumbai crowd. Her designs were appreciated and work started to trickle in. She was able to establish her own three storeyed set up in a mall. Moreover, she completed her post-graduate diploma in fashion designing.

Vaishali Shadangule the designer …

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Vaishali has come a long way from being office assistants to working at an export house, to being a fitness trainer, to becoming such a talented fashion diva and showcasing her collection at the New York Fashion Week. Her works are popular for her unique style of presenting western wear with traditional Indian intricate designs. In popular fashion shows like Wills Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week her collections have created a trend of fashion with simplicity merged with elegance. Her work is admirable when she merges the Indian style with the Western. Instead of running away from our culture and roots, she has tried to explore it further. She says, “As a designer, I want to provide the global platform that our craftsmen deserve to showcase their work.” The stage where Vaishali has reached is quite envious for all but her sheer determination has it happened. She never forgot her roots, with 60 artisans working under her brand, she has dreams still unfulfilled. She wants to start an institution where Indian weaving traditions could be taught.
We are sure; nothing can stop Vaishali from following her dreams. Best wishes to the house of talent.

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