Serena Williams goes topless in public


Serena Williams, the world famous tennis player has been in the news for past some time for different issues. From sexism to racism, this player has never shied away from speaking her heart out. Recently Serena Williams goes topless for a project “I touch myself” in the breast cancer awareness month. The number of breast cancer women is increasing worldwide. Sonali Bendre the recent example of this modern-day epidemic. Despite continuous warnings and prevention methods, the number of cases is on the rise. Why? Maybe there is a lack of awareness. So in the breast cancer awareness month, the finest tennis player Serena Williams came out in public and recorded the song I touch myself.

Going topless for the project was difficult for the player. In her words: “Yes, it did put me in an uncomfortable zone but it was important to do this. This is one issue that affects women across borders and nationalities”. The video tried to increase the awareness among women to touch themselves and spot the early signs. There are many precious lives been saved with early detection.

Williams posted the video on Instagram of the song “I Touch Myself”. The song is sung by Australian rock star Divinyls. It was recorded in 1991 to raise the awareness about breast cancer. The aim was to aware the women to be proactive and identify the early signs of breast cancer.

Women, Don’t miss these 3 steps to early detect the breast cancer

Step 1 Breast Self-Examination

Women, touch and look your breast to identify any new signs and symptoms. If noticed or feel any lump in the breast, wait for no further and run to the doctor. This should be done every month.

Step 2 Clinical Breast Exam

This is an exam performed by the doctor to further investigate any abnormalities. The examination should be done as soon you feel some change big or small without any delay.

Step 3 Mammogram

This x-ray should be done yearly to check any suspicious activity. Every woman above 40 should conduct the x-ray yearly. Remember, Mammogram can show a breast lump before it is even felt.

These 3 simple steps are important to routinely add in your schedule. Many celebrities like Serena are continuously urging the women to not miss these steps. Watch this powerful video and pass on to other women too.


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